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We had no idea of the journey we were about to begin when our daughter got engaged. We were excited for her and her fiancé but, how were we going to give our only daughter the wedding of her dreams? Planning turned into creating when we realized just how much the wedding of her dreams was going to cost.

She asked for glass coasters, etched with their names and wedding date. "No problem. We can do that." I thought.

After some experimenting, we were on our way to etching the coasters. Then, a few more items. Then more.In the end we etched a variety of items.


People liked what we did and began asking us to etch things for them and their homes, graduation gifts, homecoming gifts, wedding gifts, thank you gifts. The list keeps growing.


Etching is great fun, especially watching the image you work on appear, bit by bit, until it is complete and ready to be shared with others. The enjoyment of others is the greatest reward of our work. It is always satisfying to see someone’s face light up and their eyes sparkle when they receive a piece we’ve created.

Today, we not only do etching on glass and metal, we also do deep sandblast carving in thick glass, stone and ceramic. Increasing the range, size and complexity of our creativity allows us to continues experimenting and developing our art for ourselves and others.

We hope you will love your new creation from Elite Etching LLC and share your joy with us.